Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

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Molly Moon and Freemont Brewing make it a practice to support local farms. 

Currently,  Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream in Seattle is making a sumptuous Blueberry Yogurt flavor. They use Flying Cow Creamery's whole milk yogurt as the base and swirl in a sauce they make from our organic blueberries and a touch of lemon. Stop into any of their locations and get a scoop or two! Molly Moon's set out to show that a small business with liberal ideals can work.

For the first time ever, we've collaborated with Fremont Brewing. This past August, they purchased 300 pounds of our fresh blueberries to make Illuminated, an American Sour Ale. It's now on tap at the Black Heron Lounge (only open Friday through Sunday). Fremont Brewing, like the others featured in this newsletter, strives to do right by its employees, the environment and community.

Click the links to read more about the amazing things Molly Moon's and Fremont Brewing (additional sustainability page) are doing for the greater Seattle area. It's so impressive.

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