FALL FIELD REPORT 2017 by David LeMay

FALL FIELD REPORT 2017 by David LeMay

It would be a stretch to say that autumn is my favorite time of year, but fall does have its perks. This time of year, the Skagit Valley is like a symphony, and we have one of the best seats in the house. As the days grow shorter, and the nights cooler, the leaves on our blueberry bushes change from bright green, to a deep red. The sunsets arrive sooner, and as if mimicking the plants throughout the valley, they too put on their finest show, with colors you didn’t even know existed. My favorite part of fall, is the arrival of the geese. They come in swarms, picking over what is left of the freshly plowed fields. When spooked, they coalesce like a school of fish, moving as one cloud, their calls echoing up and down the valley. Our focus this time of year is pruning the bushes back, removing older wood that is no longer as productive, and making way for younger branches that will be filled with blueberries next summer. This is also the time of year for weeding and amending the soil. We do this by spreading sawdust and compost down every row. This will help feed our bushes, so that they can continue to produce the beautiful, delicious blueberries you have come to know and love.

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