Bow Hill Blueberry-Dyed Zipper Pouches


These sweet zips were lovingly made by local artist and mother Anna Cairns of Rainbow Thread Connection, who happens to be the sister of farm co-owner Emma Ranz.
The process of making these multi-purpose pouches starts with a story. The 100% cotton fabric was first dyed by another local artist and mother, Aja of Eunoia Space, who specializes in botanically hand-dyed goods using foraged natural dyes. Bow Hill Heirloom Blueberry Powder was used in a multi-dye process to get this sweet and subtle shade of blueberry blue! Anna cut, quilted, and pieced together the blueberry-dyed fabric with vintage up-cycled textiles and used her signature rainbow thread to create these little beauties.

There are three general sizes but each pouch is unique.

What treasures will you put in yours?

We hope you love them as much as we loved creating them! Tag us on Instagram if you take one home and show us how you are using yours!


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