Our Mission

All of our edible products are Certified Organic and made in an allergen-free kitchen. All of our products are kosher, vegan, and gluten-free, though not formally certified at this time. We only use organic-approved cleaning agents in our warehouse, store, and kitchen.

Our goal in running this farm is to tread as lightly on the earth as possible — to put back in what we take out. We mulch heavily to retain and add nutrients into the soil, hire local beekeepers and sell their organic blueberry blossom honey, only pick the berries that are ripe and leave the rest to ripen (fun fact: blueberries, unlike other fruits, do not ripen off the plant), use an organic fungicide spray made predominantly from oregano leaves (if you happen to be here on a day when we're spraying, it'll smell like you walked straight into an Italian restaurant), use underground drip irrigation — compared to sprinkler irrigation — as it uses far less water, and many more sustainable practices.

L to R Top: Andrew and Audrey (Ranz) Matheson; Ezra, Emma, and Harriet Ranz; Below: Rhody Matheson; Vera, Saoirse, and Soren Ranz

We allow the community into our fields every summer for you-pick, helping retain the community essence that this land has always had. We offer farm tours year-round and pie classes using our blueberries and organic ingredients. In the future, we hope to offer more community events, create a non-profit sister organization to Bow Hill Blueberries with an environmental center for all ages.

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