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Harvest News

New Pie Classes

New Pie Classes

All the blueberries have been picked (many thanks to you all) and frozen and now we're settling into fall. As the holidays approach, our minds are once again dreaming of pie.
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Drifters Fish + Bow Hill

Drifters Fish + Bow Hill

Lucky for us, they've chosen to host their first one of the 2019 series right here at Bow Hill. Get tickets to what is going to be an absolutely unforgettable evening. Happening October 11th from 6-9 pm.
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Blueberry Drink

Azul Mocktail

Perfect for late summer when all the fresh ingredients are in season! A spicy refreshing mixer with that perfect kick!
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New York Times

New York Times

The cultivated blueberry was born in South Jersey, and today its heirloom descendants can still be found on little farms sprinkled among the big producers [like us].
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