Fire at Bow Hill

Fire at Bow Hill

We have some very sad news.

In the early hours of October 12th, an electrical fire started above our cold storage in the production facility and destroyed practically everything inside the warehouse and farm store, including our picker that was parked out back. We are incredibly grateful for our neighbors who alerted us to the fire and the first responders from 3 different fire departments who came and worked diligently to save what they could. Most importantly, everyone is safe and we are so thankful for this special community that has already reached out to offer support.

We don't know a lot of details at the moment about what is to come and we are devastated at what was lost but we are fortunate to have support and we're resolved to move forward in any way we can. Thank you everyone for your support and understanding, we'll share any updates once we know more.


Our production building & farm store was destroyed in a large fire that was determined to have been started by old wiring hidden in the wall behind our large freezers. The end of 2021 was spent salvaging and demolishing the old facility as well as doing R&D on a new juicing process. We were even treated to a quiet respite in the form of a beautiful blanket of snow on the farm over the holidays. In January, we were able to setup juice production in a facility of another Genuine Skagit Valley member, Sauk Farm!

In the last three months we have been working to salvage what we could, demolish the damaged building, deal with insurance, rework our business, fulfill incoming orders, secure organic production space, and plan our rebuild strategy.

We have had such an outpouring of kindness and care from those we know and people we had yet to meet. While the fire was devastating to the business, in many ways, we have chosen to embrace this opportunity to create a new Bow Hill.

We want to sincerely thank you and our local community for the love and patience that has been extended to us.

Our plan for this year is to continue to share the beauty of the farm (and ice cream sandwiches!) with everyone while rebuilding our facility and farm store.

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