New Growth

New Growth

We've been here at Bow Hill just a tad over two months now, and oh dear, it has been a roller coaster (not the stomach dropping kind, just one that when you finally get off of it, you feel a bit different than you did before — but it was still really fun).

Susan and Harley drove off — with their vintage trailer tailing behind — begin their new adventure on December 21st and the Ranz family moved into the farm house and are settling in nicely.

We're grateful for all the employees who are sticking with us through this transition of ownership and being patient with us while we learn and figure out our roles here at Bow Hill. We're enjoying getting to know each of them: their goals, what inspires them, and their favorite parts of their jobs!

We love strolling the fields and are excited about watching the plants and fields change with the seasons. It's been making Audrey and Ezra nostalgic about their childhood on the 5-acre property they were raised on. Emma's having a lot of nostalgia too about her upbringing in Bellingham and visiting the Skagit more-often-than-not and especially for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Andrew continues to work his 9-to-5 as a journalist and is definitely scheming and prepping for new events to offer once COVID restrictions lessen.

December was wild. We had record online sales, in-person as well, and also took to the field with Pablo and Maura to prune the blueberry branches to help sustainably promote new growth. Pruning is truly a wild artform and also, gorgeous as you can see from the photo above! And then January came with many new exciting opportunities and wholesale orders, and best of all, the Good Food Foundation announced us as winners for our 4th Good Food Award. Read more about that experience here.

Stay tuned as we grow along with the plants, pruning and all.

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