Pruning & Springtime Schemes

Pruning & Springtime Schemes

As we say hello to a slower season on the farm, we'll be pruning and scheming while we await springtime.

So much of farming is out of our immediate control like the less than ideal pollination weather that we had in the spring of 2022. We were grateful for the harvest that we were able to bring in from the field but all of our berry farming friends in the valley reported smaller harvests this year and crops lost to diseases related to the extra cold and wet spring weather.

Our pruning duties in the late fall and early winter will dictate everything from berry size at harvest to the organic mitigation of plant diseases but without some spring sunshine, the bees would rather stay cozy in their hives and ignore the blueberry bells in the lanes.

We already have some spring schemes in the works that will continue to restore our slough border and help keep those native pollinators happy and buzzing around our blueberries.

For now, stay cozy and stay tuned for spring.

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