Skagit Valley Washington Barn Fields


Bow Hill, the Skagit Valley and some of our farm-related friends were featured in the amazing radio show. You can access it via this link. Thanks to KNKX for featuring us.

"When we decided to take [Bow Hill Blueberries] organic we got the [help of] two largest organic blueberry farms at the time...the organic managers there stepped forward and said 'we'll give you all the help you need'; they loaned equipment, the gave us leftover organic was an amazing amount of help. So, we help anybody else who is trying to do the same stuff. [For example], our kitchen; we show everybody what we're doing all the time, we don't keep anything we try to do for people that are now newer than us do all the things everybody did for us when we started." - Harley Soltes during the interview

Photo courtesy Parker Miles Blohm / KNKX

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