Blueberry Rosé Sangria

Blueberry Rosé Sangria

The town of Edison is a mere mile down the road. When in doubt about a rosé sangria, ask owner John DeGloria of Slough Food, the local wine shop and delicatessen.

He starts with a Washington State rosé and simply keep the theme going with Yakima county Rainier cherries, Whatcom county raspberries, Okanogan county peaches, and fresh Skagit county Bow Hill blueberries.

Yield: 5-6 servings | Prep: 10 minutes | Chill: 1 day 


1 bottle of rosé

½ cup each of Bow Hill blueberries, Rainier cherries, raspberries and sliced peaches (may use fresh or frozen depending on season)


Let rest overnight for the flavors of the juice to meld with the wine. Serve chilled with the fruit.

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