Behind the Scenes: Final Installation

Behind the Scenes: Final Installation

Best. Crew. Ever.

We're so lucky to have the dedicated and hard-working staff that we do! They all took some time out of their busy schedules to pose for one final photo, some were able to just move their focus into the farm store and continue with their actual jobs (Kaylee's still packing away, Harley's still testing recipes, Chad's helping stock the juice, Dayna's taking store inventory, and Rachel and Susan are working away on the social media planning). We shared so many laughs during this photoshoot! It turned into a fun bonding experience for our team.

Sadly, Beck wasn't able to make it for the photo as she was working at school and Douglas the Dog, well, he's not allowed to be in the store. Amelia and Wylie also aren't present, but they're doing great things in other states.

Thanks again, everyone! It’s great working with all of you.


Pictured starting at the top, working round in a circle: Lalia-Sales Manager, Pablo-Field Manager, Susan-CFO and Marketing & Sales Director, Rachel-Community Engagement Manager, Dayna-Operations Manager, Chad-Warehouse Assistant, Kaylee-Warehouse Lead, Harley-Cheif Farmer and Lead Researcher, Caryn-Kitchen Lead. Not pictured: Beck-Sales Assistant, Douglas-Official Farm Greeter, Amelia- Daughter and Graphic Designer, Wylie-Son and Filmmaker

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