Behind the Scenes: Installation 14

Behind the Scenes: Installation 14

From the time he was a child, Harley always wanted to be a farmer, but his mother wanted him to be a photographer. In the end, he's done both. 

Since he and Susan purchased Bow Hill, Harley has been integral in the organic transition and safety of the farm. He's all about the rules and regulations and wants his employees to follow them above and beyond. From the fields to the store and everywhere in between, thanks to Harley's meticulous research, you can rest assured that anything you buy from Bow Hill has gone through all the proper safety processes and checks! 

In addition to being the safety man around here, Harley is our chief farmer and manages Pablo's (excellent) work, helps choose the harvest crew, takes all the individual product shots (the ones on the website), and works up and researches the how-to's and what's needed for each product we make and, as seen in the picture, tests them out in his and Susan's home kitchen first. He helps with the juice bottling process and checks in with the kitchen often. If we needed, say, a larger juice press, he'd go online, call around, and find the best one out there for the best price and then figure out some clever way to get it up, down, or over to the farm.

Fun facts: Harley was a photojournalist for the Seattle Times for twenty-two years. During those years, he also freelanced for Sports Illustrated, LIFE Magazine, National Geographic (predominantly in the books division), and the Discovery Channel. For eight years, he was the photographer for Sunday Magazine and shot over 300 covers. On the farming side of things, Harley has photographed three books on food and farming: Chefs on the Farm, Urban Farm Handbook, and Goats In The City.

Being the photographer for those three books on food and farming is what eventually led to him figuring out a way to finally end up living his life's dream of being a farmer.

Let's have a round of applause for Harley!

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