Behind the Scenes: Installation 10

Behind the Scenes: Installation 10

Hey! It's Rachel (writing in third person here)! She is our Community Engagement Manager and is the teacher of our pie classes. Rachel has been with Bow Hill since August 2016.⁠

When Rachel first started, we quickly learned her skillset — she's gained responsibilities each year and now runs our social media platforms, manages the backend of our website, lays out our newsletter, writes for both the newsletter and the blogs, crunches numbers as needed, manages our tour schedule, works with Google analytics, and whatever else is asked of her.⁠ She also tests many recipes in her home kitchen.⁠ ⁠

If you've ever contacted us through social media, you'll likely to have interacted with her. If you've taken a pie class, you've met her (and her mom)! She works from home some days and on the farm others.⁠

A not-so-fun fact with a happy ending: I (back to first-person) underwent brain surgery in the summer of 2017 and cancer treatments through winter 2018. While going through specialized treatments only found in a handful of US cities, Susan (co-owner here at Bow Hill) was living part-time in Seattle so her son, Wylie, could attend the film program at Ballard High School. Susan offered for me to live with them at no cost. Since I couldn't drive at the time, Susan became my personal chauffeur and appointment companion. It was an amazing time and I'm so grateful! I'm happy to report that I am currently in remission! I won't make a claim that it was our blueberry juice that assisted in this outcome, but I'm not convinced it didn't have something to do with it, even if just for moral.

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