Behind the Scenes: Installation 11

Behind the Scenes: Installation 11

If you haven't met Douglas (also known as Dougie), you're missing out! He's our official farm greeter and an 11-year-old puppy. He loves greeting people at the farm, getting pet, running around the fields, and playing with you-pickers' and Pablo's children. One family even loved him enough that they asked if they could borrow him for their son's birthday party! He had a great time getting doted on. He and Susan go on long walks daily throughout Bow-Edison.

Dougie loves post-harvest, fall, winter, and early spring, but gets really sad in the summer. Why you may be asking? Well, once the berries are mostly ripe, he's no longer allowed to roam the fields freely due to food safety reasons. This summer, he got to stay with his grandparents where he could be spoiled and be the lapdog he loves to be.

Guessing game!

Douglas is about a foot and a half tall (or less), super short legs, and four feet long (tail included). What kind of mix do you this lovable boy is?

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