Behind the Scenes: Installation 13

Behind the Scenes: Installation 13

Behind the Scenes

Wylie is the farmers' son. He spent most of his childhood in Bow and used to sell blueberries downtown Edison with a hand-painted sign. Does anyone remember that? He worked on the farm and in the warehouse during the summers. He acted as our model for you-pick and some merch (you know our postcard with the hands holding blueberries? That was based off a picture of him). He's always had a knack for filmmaking and Susan and Harley have been avid supporters throughout the years. When he and his friend wanted to run for student president of Edison Elementary, his parents helped with the visuals for the campaign. When he wanted to study filmmaking at Ballard High School, they made it work. Now he's studying filmmaking full time at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Last summer he and his buddy, Mike crossed the U.S. shooting a feature-length documentary titled “What is American?”. They started at the Trump rally in Florida and crossed nine states in sixteen days to land at the 4th of July Parade in Kingston, WA (his original hometown). Along the way, he interviewed middle America — students, Native Americans, a homeless Vietnam vet, Amish people, victims of gun violence, good ole boys, gay pride parades, and even Willy Wonka. What they learned was that we’re more alike than different. It's not quite finished, they are still working on the sound design and soundtrack and should be done soon. They haven't decided what to do with it yet, but are going to do a screening down in Georgia and send it off to some film festivals. Fingers crossed it or the idea gets picked up by a production company!

Here is a link to the trailer (rated R for language). [Disregard the Coming in November at the end of the trailer, much like all things in the film industry, there have been a few hurdles to jump that delayed its release.]

Picture of Wylie selling berries downtown Edison

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