Behind the Scenes: Installation 6

Behind the Scenes: Installation 6

Oh, Pablo! What a man. Pablo has been working with us since the start and has become an invaluable asset to the success of Bow Hill. He's our field manager and a great one at that. He's the reason we sometimes have strawberries, as he grows them on three different plots of land.⁠

If you see him, please thank him. He puts so much sweat and love into this job and 99% of the time is laughing while doing it. He selects and manages the pickers during the busy 6-week harvest season, all while picking himself. He helps pack the berries for the year, prune during the winter, weed in the spring, and spreads seven semi-truck loads (yes, you read that right) of mulch across all 6-acres of plants right after the picking season ends. During the harvest, he has assistance from other crew members, and the rest of the year, it's mostly him and Harley.⁠

Pablo also maintains the tractor, trailers, and other farm equipment (as pictured). In addition to that, he's our bee master. He manages our hives year-round and when we bring extra bees in the help pollinate during the spring, he cares for those as well. It seems as though there wouldn't be enough time to do it all, but, somehow (again, not by magic) it gets done. Hear, hear, a thousand cheers for Pablo!⁠

Oh, and guess what? Last year he and his wife, Maura (one of the summer pickers and likely the fastest), purchased their own blueberry farm called Silva Family Farm. He continues to work here AND run his own farm. He's absolutely amazing.⁠

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