Blueberry Drink

No Hangover Cinco de Mayo

With 547 whole heirloom blueberries pressed into each sixteen ounce bottle, this juice is potent, sweet and delicious. You don't need much to give you all the nutritional benefits of fresh blueberries–so, take a shot of mix it. Each bottle contains 8 servings. Our Cinco de Mayo recipe, that can be made with or without tequila, was concocted by Eric Bemis, aka The Pour Farmer and mixologist at Chuckanut Manor.

The owners of Bow Hill Blueberries have a hypothesis that our blueberry juice added to cockatils helps prevent that groggy feeling of even the slightest (or most severe) of hangovers. They've tested multiple blueberry cocktail recipes at one and have never experienced a hangover–ever! We don't have enough staff to prove it true, but with the thousands of you that cross this page, maybe we can. Add a little tequila to this mocktail and give it a go. Please report back to us, we're curious if we are on to something here.

It's no surprise given the remarkable superfood qualities of blueberries–low in fat and sugar, yet extremely high in antioxidants–that our pure cold pressed juice can boast the same. Blueberries contain high levels of flavonoids, which help scavenge for and kill off free-radicals. One flavonoid in particular, Anthocyanin, gives blueberries their rich, blue hue (1) and can inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells. Anthocyanin is an anti-inflammatory and anti-neurodegenerative, which could help lower the risk of or reverse many ailments and diseases such as cancer, heart-disease, dementia, Alzheimer's (2), brain fog and fatigue (3). 

Enjoy a shot of Bow Hill blueberry juice to reap all the amazing health benefits blueberries have to offer. Take a shot when you wake up and right before you go to sleep (or mixed into an evening cocktail). Your body and memory will thank you tenfold. 

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