City Chef Goes Country

City Chef Goes Country

by Tamara Davis, Bow Hill Operations Manager

I’m a long way from "home" and after spending the past 11 years in Los Angeles, it was time to say farewell.  "On to new adventures," I said and that is what brought me to Bow Hill. I have been in the culinary industry for 18 years and fell in love with food early on. I made my path as a pastry chef and over the last 10 years I have focused on building start-up restaurants and growing wholesale bakeries. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a business grow and flourish.

I am very excited to be here at Bow Hill; to have an opportunity to be part of the growing process.  It was very important for me to choose a company run by individuals who are passionate about what they do and who give proper attention and care to their products. This is exactly what Bow Hill does. I feel very lucky to have made Bow Hill my new home. It is with great pleasure that I look forward to celebrating everything we create together.

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