Meet Emma & Her Favorite Smoothie Recipe

Meet Emma & Her Favorite Smoothie Recipe

HI, I'M EMMA by Emma Young

Having come from an agricultural background on the east side of the mountains, farming has always been close to my heart. Farming is a practice that brings people together and creates community. The small artisan town of Bow-Edison is the perfect reflection of this. A town surrounded by fields of lush agriculture has brought people together to cherish the land and work together, supporting each other through their artesian practices. 

I first found myself in the cozy town of Bow-Edison last spring, though blueberries hadn’t yet entered my life. I was working for one of my favorite farmers, Erik Olsson with WellFed Farms. As a recent graduate from Western Washington University, I was extremely happy to be in my element at the markets and in the fields and away from desk work and exams. After a bit of traveling, I came to find myself returning to the Bow-Edison community mid-fall, accompanied by a new found love of blueberries! While I can now rave all day long about the amazing health benefits and varieties of blueberries, the best part of working on the farm is the people I work with. Bow Hill Blueberries is one of the many valuable pieces to the puzzle of this artisan community, one that makes Bow-Edison so special. I love hearing this reflected by our customers and business partners. 

This winter, I've been learning the ins-and-outs of the blueberry business, representing at events and experimenting with everything blueberry! While I am a big fan of all of our products, my favorite is the powder thanks to its versatile uses. I've used it to make anything from pasta to doughnuts to truffles to rubs, but my favorite use for it–mostly due to convenience–is in smoothies.


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