No Waste — the Story of our Heirloom Blueberry Powder

No Waste — the Story of our Heirloom Blueberry Powder

Bow Hill's Organic Heirloom Blueberry Powder is a deep purple, antioxidant-rich, high fiber, and nutrient-dense product made from a blend of pure Rubel and Jersey skins (both heirloom blueberry varieties) leftover from their juicing process. They take the leftover pulp and dry and mill it into a fine powder — they do not waste a thing at Bow Hill. Many of the naturally occurring sugars of the berries are extracted during juicing, leaving behind a deeply colored, low-sugar, and highly-nutritious powder.

Bow Hill's powder is used by multiple James Beard Award winning chefs and bakers, along with thousands of at home bakers, cooks, and smoothie folks. Their customers especially love it mixed into smoothies, granolas, baked goods, in salads or salad dressings, fruit roll-ups, topping roasted veggies, rimming cocktails/mocktails, in dog biscuits, as coloring for batters and doughs (from pie to play), in energy bars, and as a flavor enhancer for proteins.

One tablespoon of the  blueberry powder contains 86 organic heirloom blueberry skins! Toss that into a smoothie or on top of a chicken and you just amped up the nutritional value a heck-of-a-lot.


Click HERE for all their powder recipes. It's a very versatile product so the sky is the limit with this one.

Available in 8 oz and 5 lbs bags.

In addition, farming naturally has some food "waste" and we are no exception. Most of our blueberry (and apple) crop turns out great and perfect for human consumption. If there are pest or environmental damaged fruit, we donate the cull to our friend's pigs at Well Fed Farms. If they are just environmentally damaged (AKA ugly fruit) and don't have the right look for fresh or frozen sales, we use them in our line of products. To learn more about our process, follow us on social media (top of home page) or sign-up for our newsletter (bottom of home page).


And now, for the main event: Wasted! The Story of Food Waste is being (virtually) presented by Sustainable Connections. Please watch the trailer here and get ready to watch "together" on June 4th at 7 PM PST. More info on this free event below!

Virtual Watch Party

Wasted! The Story of Food Waste

June 4, 2020; 7pm


Enjoy dinner and a movie at home while we play family-friendly games, give away prizes, and watch a movie that aims to change the way we all buy, cook, eat, and recycle food.

Before you switch out of your daytime sweats into your jammy pants and settle into your favorite cozy chair, order a dinner (or drink) special from your favorite local restaurant who donates to our Food Recovery Program. Participants of the program are offering delicious deals just for this watch party of Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.  If you're squatching your own food waste at home, you'll want to check out our specially curated snack recipes for the movie, too. 

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