Product Name Change

Product Name Change

Big news from Bow Hill. Our famous Organic Blueberry Jam has changed its name to Organic Blueberry Confiture. We know that's a fancy upgrade, so let us explain a little about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), their rule and why this came to be.

For a fruit spread to be called a jam, the FDA requires that the product contain 65% sugar or more. At Bow Hill, we strive to keep our products as close to pure blueberries as possible. Since we want to keep organic blueberries as the #1 ingredient, they requested that we call it something other than jam. Coming up with a new name was not easy. We wanted to be a preserve, but the same FDA rule applies. It's not a compote, we don’t like the terms spread or topping, and blueberry “yum” just wasn’t on-brand. So, confiture it is.
To keep jam in the name, we could have opted-in and increased the sugar, but, we like our “jam” how it is–low in sugar, high in blueberries. Same recipe, same great taste, new name–that’s it.
Bow Hill Organic Blueberry Jam will forever (knock wood) be called Bow Hill Organic Blueberry Confiture. Spread the word (and the confiture).


Rachel Pattin

I received a jar of the blueberry confiture as a gift and just loved the fact that it was not overly sweet as every other jam was. Loved the hint of spice and immediately looked up your site. The jam is just perfect whatever it is called! I will definitely place an order soon. Thank you!

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