Harvest Behind the Scene

Harvest Behind the Scene

These are the people behind the scene that helped the harvest run smoothly. They washed lugs and buckets, they ran the packing shed where fresh blueberries came in, packed them into pints and organized the retail orders and sold fresh in our store and they made sunflower bouquets. They made sure the pickers had water (angels on earth–pickers and warehouse crew alike), set you-pick boundaries, maintained the sprinklers, watered the plants out front of the store and helped keep the grounds clean. They checked the spotted wing drosophila traps, stickered packaging, labeled products, folded boxes, packaged and froze the berries, shipped out mail orders, did many woodworking projects and the list goes on. And on. And on. We couldn't have done this without them. 

From left to right – Taylor, Kaylee, Caden and Arianne. Kaylee now works in the store year-round, Caden is a diesel mechanic and Arianne works making all the value-added products in our USDA organic approved commercial kitchen.

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