You-Pick Update

You-Pick Update

You-pick is scheduled to open mid-July. Visit our you-pick page, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up-to-date. Hope to see you this summer.

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Rachel Pattin

I was watching HNK (a Japanese TV station) the other evening. They were pairing wine and food. They had a Blueberry Champagne! I have been a long time fan of Anderson Blues just north of Corvallis for years. I no longer travel in that area (I live in Seattle). I am going to suggest they work with the Fermentation people at OSU to develop a similar wine. The color of the Champagne is out of this world. Taste? Might be fun for them to find out. The color in a clear bottle would be worth trying it. I will be up for some berries when they are ripe. “Go Beavs!” I believe OSU has done a lot of work on fertilizers with Anderson Blues. They are good people. Mike

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