Blueberry BBQ'd Ribs

Blueberry BBQ'd Ribs

These are so delicious, you'll wish you'd found out about them sooner. Even for die-hard BBQ fans, these ribs will be sure to hit-the-spot. These should be started the night before the main event (if you don't, that is okay, they just won't be as good). Option for grilling or cooking in oven.


2 racks baby-back ribs (about 4 1/2 lbs), membranes removed (see step 1)

1 jar Bow Hill Organic Blueberry Marinade & Salad Dressing

1/2 cup broth (veggie or chicken, water works too)

3 tbsp olive oil

2 tsp course salt

1/4 cup Bow Hill Organic Heirloom Blueberry Powder

2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp chili powder

Ground pepper to taste

Dash cayenne

High-heat oil (if grilling)


Grill or oven

Long set utensils, if grilling

Meat thermometer

Shallow baking dish (13x9)

Baking sheet and foil, for oven only

Basting brush

Paper towel (if grilling)


Step 1: Prepare the meat

Most store-bought ribs have what’s known as silverskin, a membrane over the underside of the ribs. It's not always there, as sometimes you'll get lucky and the butcher will have removed prior. Otherwise, you need to remove it before you cook. (Don't worry, it's simple enough!)

Insert a knife between the membrane and the meat at one end of the ribs. Take care to not to pierce the membrane. Work your fingers under the skin to loosen it. Wrap a paper towel around your hand so you can get a good grip to tug the membrane loose. Gently (not too gentle!) pull off the silverskin. It should peel off cleanly.

Step 2: Prep with marinade

Whisk 3/4 of a jar of blueberry marinade with broth of choice and olive oil.

Place the ribs in a shallow baking dish. Pour two-thirds of the marinade mix over the meat. Turn to coat both sides, refrigerate overnight. Turn the meat every-so-often before retiring for the evening, to ensure that the meat is marinating evenly. Then once more in the morning.

Do not discard remaining marinade mixture, you'll use that when cooking for basting.

Step 3: Rub it down

Mix salt, blueberry powder, sugar, chili powder, cumin, dash of cayenne, and ground black pepper together.

Remove ribs from fridge. Drain and discard the marinade from shallow baking dish. Pat the ribs dry. Rub the spice mixture over all sides of the ribs, patting with your fingertips to help stick to the meat.

Step 4: Get your grill (or oven) on

If grilling, follow the next steps. If cooking in oven, scroll down.


Cook them over indirect heat and give them time. This lets the connective tissue melt away, leaving you with wonderfully tender ribs. If you cook them too quickly, over high heat, the meat can turn out chewy and tough (which we, and you likely, do not like).

First, preheat a clean grill to medium heat (about 200°F), then lightly oil the grill (do this by adding a bit of high-heat oil to a paper towel and using your long grill tongs and lightly coating the entire grill).

Place the ribs right on the grill, using tongs to set them in place. Grill, covered, over indirect medium heat for 30 minutes on each side.

After the first hour, move the ribs to direct medium heat and cook 20–40 minutes longer, or until the pork is tender.

Occasionally, turn and baste with the reserved marinade (remember, the extra third you set aside).

Important note: Once you start to baste with the sauce, keep a close eye the meat as the sugars start to caramelize (brown) quickly. Hence why we start basting at the very end. We do not want you to have gone through all this work to end up with burnt ribs. If distractions are present, make sure there are other people around to help with them.

Remove from grill once they they've reached 175-190°F and are pulling away from bone (but not falling off).


Pre-heat the oven to 250°F. Tear off two pieces of foil with a few extra inches on each end of the ribs and set one sheet foil on baking sheet. Lay rubbed ribs on top of that sheet. Pour remaining third of marinade mixture (remember, the extra you set aside) over the ribs. Next, lay the second sheet of foil on top of the ribs. Pinch and roll two pieces of foil together to create a seal.

Place in oven for 2 hours. Remove and check (careful to not get a steam burn, release a little bit then more once steam disperses). Check with meat thermometer to ensure they are up to temperature (at least 160°F, but we prefer them around 175-190°F and pulling away from the bones, but not quite falling off). They may need more time in the oven, if so, continue to cook in 30 minute intervals.

Step 5: Let 'em rest

Either way, let the ribs rest for 10–15 minutes before serving. Serve with homemade coleslaw (the internet is teeming with them), one of our blueberry drinks (one shot blueberry juice in a pint of beer ain't bad), and our Blueberry Polenta Muffins (adapt the sugar to taste, this recipe runs sweet).

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