Blueberry Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail

Bayview Bluebird

One of our favorites! Orange, vanilla, and blueberries make an excellent trio. Add them to whiskey and whoa, now we're talking.
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Blueberry Moscow Mule Cocktail

Samish Mule

Our take on a classic cocktail. There's nothing quite like this spectacular combo of earthy and spicy flavors.
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Blueberry Cocktail Drink

Chuckanut Cooler

Cucumber lends its crisp, refreshing taste while our cold pressed heirloom blueberry juice is the star of the show.
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blueberry rum cocktail

Padilla Black and Blue

Here's a cocktail that will flash you back to sweet summer days staring out over the vast and beautiful waters of the PNW.
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Blueberry Mimosa

Bow Hill Mimosa

We're talking about something good right here. Give it a try, mix it up from the usual–such a wonderful and sweet brunch beverage!
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Blueberry Rosé Sangria

Blueberry Rosé Sangria

Start with a Washington State rosé and simply keep the theme going local cherries, raspberries, peaches and Bow Hill blueberries.
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