Blueberry Apple Drink

The Orchard

A favorite of many, the orchard is a light and refreshing mixer for all occasions!
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Blueberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Blueberry Cosmo

A classic with a little bit of blue, what could be better?
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Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Detox Smoothie

Feed your body and your brain with a base of free-radical-fighting blueberries blended with ingredients that cleanse the liver!
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Blueberry Breakfast Jar

Blueberry Breakfast Jar

Prepare your grab n’ go breakfast in minutes, healthy and easy go hand in hand!
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Glass and jug of a festive blueberry sangria

Holiday Sangria

Perfect for holiday entertaining, this versatile recipe can be served hot as a mulled wine or over ice as a refreshing aperitif. Using cold pressed blueberry juice as the fruit component puts it over the top!
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Blueberry Gin Cocktail

Violet Fizz

A delicious new drink created in collaboration with Eric Bemis of the Chuckanut Manor using both our Cold Pressed Juice and Heirloom Powder. Give it a try!
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Blueberry Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail

Bayview Bluebird

One of our favorites! Orange, vanilla, and blueberries make an excellent trio. Add them to whiskey and whoa, now we're talking.
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Blueberry Drink


Perfect for everyone who loves blueberries, this mocktail touches the tongue with a sparkle. Great in the summer when mint is in season!
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Blueberry Shrub Drink

Blueberry Shrub

Double the nutrition with apple cider vinegar and our blueberry juice. Refreshing zing for any time of year!
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Blueberry Moscow Mule Cocktail

Samish Mule

Our take on a classic cocktail. There's nothing quite like this spectacular combo of earthy and spicy flavors.
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Blueberry drink

Hammock Tea

A wonderful and refreshing drink perfect for the entire blueberry loving family. Best when mint is fresh and in season!
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Blueberry Cocktail Drink

Chuckanut Cooler

Cucumber lends its crisp, refreshing taste while our cold pressed heirloom blueberry juice is the star of the show.
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